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In the event of a burglary or other accident like a hurricane or tornado, homeowner's insurance will probably cover some of the expenses to replace the homeowners valuables. In order to get a payment, the homeowner will have to have a record of the valuables.

The best time to take a home inventory is right now.

Ways to Take a Home Inventory
There are a number of ways you can go about taking a home inventory. Here are a few options:

Photo inventory:
Grab a camera and start taking pictures of the home and belongings. Be thorough and pay attention to details such as hardware and fixtures as well as any valuables. If possible use a digital camera. This way a separate file can be created copied onto a cd and copies stored in the home’s safe as well as off the premises.

Video inventory:
It seems like every family has a video camera these days. Put it to work recording the valuables around the home. Take advantage of the media and add narration about each item, such as the price and where they were purchased. Again, digital video will give the option of easily downloading and storing multiple copies in the homes safe as well as in another location away from the house.

Written inventory:
Just go through the house and document everything thoroughly. Note the price and where you bought each item.

Software inventory:
Today home inventory software is available. This software features fill-in-the-blank forms, and makes the process relatively painless. Please be sure to keep a printed copy in a safe location. If a theft occurs, computer systems are often targeted. If the only copy of the homes inventory was on the hard drive it would be lost with the computer.

Items to Record on Your Home Inventory List

Kitchen/Dining room:
table & chairs
dishes & utensils
china cabinet

Living/Family room:
electronics, including serial numbers
sofas , couch & chairs
art work
desks & tables
DVDs, CDs, etc.
lamps & fixtures



snow blower
sports equipment

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