The Ultimate Guide to Waterfront Living
  The Ultimate Guide to Home Security
Security Checklist
A complete printable home security checklist. Learn how secure your home is.


Exterior Doors
All doors are locked
Exterior doors are solid hardwood or metal clad
Exterior entrance door has a wide angle peephole
If glass panels are within 36 of door they are
protected with alarm and or security laminate.
All entrance doors have working lock with deadbolt
installed into the frame of the door.
Security hinges or pined hinges are used.
Spare keys are not kept under the doormat or planter

Garage Door
Door from garage to house should also be hardwood
or metal clad and protected with a keyed lock and
Security hinges or pinned hinges are used.

Sliding Glass Doors
Sliding glass door should have a key lock.
A pin or bar is used to prevent sliding door from being
forced open.

Every window should be locked
Windows should have safety locks that allow 1-2 of
ventilation while still being locked.
Windows should be alarmed

Outdoor Security
Trim shrubs and bushes so they do not provide a
hiding place for intruders
Every outside entrance should be illuminated.
Entrances and pathways should have motion
detection lighting.
Lock all gates, garage doors, and shed doors.

When away from home
Use at least two timers to turn lights on and off
Stop mail and newspaper deliveries, or better yet have a friend pick them up.

It is suggested that you engrave your name and drivers license number on tvs, stereos, computers and electronics. This way in case you are the victim of a home burglary you can provide proof of loss to your insurance company and possibly even get your stolen items back if the police locates them.

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