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Security Video Systems
Learn which home video surveillance system is best for improving your home security.


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Closed circuit TV
Closed circuit TV is a private video monitoring system. This system allows still or video images to be recorded from locations both inside or outside a home. These systems are not as expensive as they use to be and many offer the additional advantage of being able to observe the property from any remote location via web access. These systems can be hard wired or wireless, overt or covert.

Video Surveillance Benefits:
In the unfortunate event that a burglary were to occur, cameras increase the probability of the burglars being caught and identified.
Overt systems can even reduce the likelihood of break ins, because if the thief sees a camera he may decide to move to a house with less security.

Video Surveillance Disadvantages:
Exterior cameras can be targeted, stolen and or
Families members may not be comfortable knowing
the cameras are always watching them.
These systems can still be costly.

Wireless Video Surveillance System:
Wireless video surveillance systems are easier to install. This system transmits radio signals from your camera or transmitter to a receiver. The receiver can then be connected to a monitor or recording device .

Systems usually have a camera, power supply, receiver, antenna, monitor and recording device. Video surveillance systems are now an affordable option for homeowners wishing to upgrade their home security systems.

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Covert Cameras
Covert systems are when the cameras are hidden from view. A covert camera is used to watch housekeepers, babysitters, or anyone else on your property that you may want to keep an eye on without them knowing they are being filmed.

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Overt Cameras
Overt systems are when the cameras are not hidden. These kind of video surveillance systems are meant to be a deterrent as a means of catching thieves. A burglar will think twice about breaking into a home with obvious outdoor cameras and signs advertising that the property is protected with a video surveillance system.

Web Connected Security Systems
With advances in technology it is now possible to have access to security systems via the internet from a remote location. In addition to just seeing what is going on through cameras, homeowners can now have their complete security alarm system accessible through the computer. This means that via the Internet, the system could be activated or disarmed. If there is a home intrusion your system could automatically be set to send the homeowner an e-mail message in addition to alerting the central monitoring station.

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